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howto_iconIf you love helping others, learning how to build on these servant-like qualities will help you accomplish your dreams!

Mercy-driven people find great joy in serving, spend much time helping others, and quite often leave very little time for themselves and their own dreams and desires. Many “natural-born servants” are intimidated by even the thought of leadership or entrepreneurship and oftend avoid training seminars and conferences altogether. They may have a clear dream or vision given to them by God that they know they are called to walk out, but they lack the courage, the focus, or the leadership and entrepreneurial skills needed to succeed. Ironically, the instincts most natural to them: serving, helping, communication, encouragement, patience, and listening are actually a great foundation on which to build to turn any vision into a success. Therefore the difference between a servant and a serventrepreneur® is that they are “natural or born servants” that learn how to build on these servant-like qualities to accomplish their dreams.

Quotes to inspire a servant to become a “serventrepreneur®”:

“It is not such a fiercesome thing to lead once you see your leadership as part of God’s overall plan for his world.” – Calvin Miller
“While great leaders may be as rare as great runners, great actors, or great painters, everyone has leadership potential, just as everyone has some ability at running, acting, and painting.” by Warren Bennis and Burt Nanus in Leaders: The Strategies for Taking Charge. p. 222.
“Women have for centuries been recognized as talented listeners, nurturers, motivators, excellent communicators. These very qualities that we once were told were unbusinesslike are precisely the qualities that business needs most to tap human potential.” Mary Cunningham Agee