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Serventrepreneur Get A Way!

“God has given us the breath of life. We’ve taken the breath… but we haven’t exhaled yet. We’re holding it in and it hurts. Physically and spiritually. We feel a need to give back. There’s an insatiable need to be fruitful with the resources that God has given us. What resources? Let’s find them! The best way to u nderstand God’s purpose for us is to help others discover their God-given purpose.” -Thera Storm, Get-A-Way Program Director


Get-A-Way, a program of the Serventrepreneur Foundation, coordinates short-term mission trips that focus on God, Volunteerism, Education and Mobilization. Serventrepreneur Get-A-Way trips help participants discover their God-given purpose and “get a way” to apply lessons of servanthood and entrepreneurship long after the trip is over.
Do you have a calling to start your own business? Teaching the less-fortunate in foreign countries how to start a jewelry-making business to escape prostitution and poverty may help you gain perspective and confidence for your own endeavors. Get-A-Way coordinates women-only trips, getaways for couples, trips for teens, men-only trips, etc.  Do you have a group in mind? Let us know!  We are here to help you discover your God-given purpose and get a way through getaways.

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