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ServEntrepreneur to Host Local Propel Chapter!

The ServEntrepreneur Foundation had been given an amazing opportunity to host a local chapter of Christine Caine’s Propel Ministries.  This unique opportunity will allow women from numerous local churches, and in various leadership positions across the Triad to unite in conversations about faith, family, business, leadership, and community.


Propel Conversation Series Curriculum Trailer from Propel on Vimeo.


Mary Elizabeth Beal

 President, The ServEntrepreneur Foundation


Unapologetic, she is a woman who leads.

Unshakable, she is rooted and grounded in the love and grace of God.

Undaunted, by the challenges of life.

Unstoppable, as she follows the call of God.

Unmovable, she will not be manipulated.

Unselfish, she is generous with her words, thoughts, resources, and relationships.

Undefeatable, she knows no weapon formed against her shall prosper.

Unbound, her history will not define her destiny.

Unstuck, she moves gracefully from one season to the next.

Undone by the love, grace, goodness, kindness and mercy of God.

Uncommon, she is not chasing worldly success, fame, or fortune.

Untamable, she is dangerous to the kingdom of darkness.

Unlimited, her potential in Christ is limitless.

Unleashed, she is not held captive to old paradigms or stereotypes.

Unashamed, she does not minimize or hide who God has made her to be.

Unpretentious, she is real, down to earth, and accessible.



Here is a sneak peak so you can get a taste for what this is all about.  


The cost of the curriculum materials is $13


The chapter will meet twice a month, specific time and venue to be determined by the size of the level of interest.


So, please let me know right away if you are interested because I would really love to have you join me.  I think your experience and insight would be a wonderful addition to “the conversation” as Christine calls it. Also, please share this post and my contact info ( with anyone you think may be interested as well so they can let me know right away if they want to join so I can secure an appropriate venue as well as enough materials in the pre order.


Thank you,

Mary Elizabeth Beal

President, The ServEntrepreneur Foundation

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