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The Serventrepreneur Foundation board of directors, staff, members and supporters would love to pray for your business.  This area has been created to allow you to post specific prayer requests for any business you own, work for, or are planning to start.

We also encourage YOU to pray for other people and businesses that have posted their needs on our board and, if you like, feel free to post encouraging words of support and advice for those needing prayer.

Click Here To Post a Prayer Request or Comment

( We will do our best to review all posts prior to displaying on the site to insure appropriateness for all audiences.  Any post deemed innappropriate or distasteful will not be approved.  Please contact us if you are suspicisous or offended by any content that is posted.  This is a public site, please do not post any personal or identifyable information that you do not wish to be public knowledge.  Persons under the age of 18 are not permitted to post without parental consent.)