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Pray For My Business!

Any business can benefit from prayer… prayer for financial breakthrough, prayer for fresh and creative ideas, prayer for new connections and opportunities… or prayer for continued blessings and favor!  We want to pray for your business.  To participate, simply fill out the “comment” fields below and submit it to our moderator!  It is that easy.

This prayer request bulletin board is up and running 24hours a day- and you never know when someone is checking in to pray for the posted requests!

**Do you live in the Triad, NC area?

BUSINESS COMMUNITY PRAYER TIME:  Join local business owners and entrepreneurs to pray for businesses and the economy in the Triad! First Friday of every month from 11:00am until noon.

( We will do our best to review all posts prior to displaying on the site to insure appropriateness for all audiences.  Any post deemed inappropriate or distasteful will not be approved.  Please contact us if you are suspicious or offended by any content that is posted.  This is a public site, please do not post any personal or identifiable information that you do not wish to be public knowledge.  Persons under the age of 18 are not permitted to post without parental consent.)

  1. Felicia on Thursday May 10, 2012

    Pray for our family Business, for increased cashflow and profits. For debt clearance and for favour with Suppliers and financiers. For divine growth ideas.